Babies love Milk

I was wandering around Raverly the other day and decided to check out the recent FO’s for my Milk pattern, and I was just about blown over by newborn sweetness. Click any of the images below to go to the ravelry project page for that person!

Mamakyrie made this out of Dreams in Color Smooshy. Blog post here.It fit my newborn perfectly in the smallest size” was a note in her project page which makes me very pleased.

Mybonnykate used Elann Peruvian Baby Silk for her adorable little boy version. Lovely to see in her project notes as well “The newborn size fits my nine-pound three-week-old baby perfectly.” but always keep in mind that the newborn version won’t fit a newborn for long, as not very much clothing ever fits a newborn for long, but when I wrote the pattern I wanted to have a size newborn that fit properly. I always remember bringing my girls home and how some things that would say “0-6” would not fit well at all and in those first days you want to see your perfect little newborn in a perfect fitting little top.

Ittybitty used Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk and it looks exactly like my Wollmiese version! From her project notes “I was a little afraid of the crochet edging, but finaly it’s more simplest to do than it looks, and the result is adorable.”

I must tell you all when I wrote this pattern the only things I had ever crochet where half of an amigurumi bear that I never finished, and a 1 stitch blanket I once made about 5 years ago and never finished. Around the time I was working on this I was also working on the crochet blanket LG sleeps with every night. The hardest thing about crochet is reading the patterns, but there is nothing easier on this earth then a crochet blanket. Go here and make one right away, you will not regret it. You will not longer avoid crochet edgings, in fact you will seek them out!

I adore the color combinations on this one below knit by Tentacles in Vintage Purls and Bella Baby Sugar (I’ve not heard of these yarns before). The Vintage Purl I think is the multi-color and I love how soft and pretty it is. Perfect colors for a baby.

*All photos used with permission

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