Monthly Archives: November 2013

Everyone loves knitting socks

I remember when I was learning to knit socks, I tried double pointed needles and it was kind of miserable.

Sometime later I found a little booklet at a fiber festival, it was a guide to creating socks via Magic Loop  –  if you tune in to Knitting Daily in January you will be able to see how I magic loop!  This was a life changer for  me, I knit almost everything on circular needles even if I am knitting it flat. I knit everything in the round. When I am knitting a hat instead of using a circular needle smaller then the size of the hat, I just use a 40″ circular needle and knit the hat magic loop style, this means I never have to switch to double pointed needles, I can work all the way down to 8 stitches or less!

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Secret Yarn

I had something in my head, a very particular something. So I sought out an indie dyer to help me with the idea. This is the sneak peak – secret sneak peak! Wish me luck. Its on its way to me and I hope I can do it justice with the design that is in my head. It’s soft and squishy and super wash (kid friendly) and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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I can’t stop knitting hats, apparently

I am very slow at knitting for other people. I had two hats to knit in some pretty green and blue yarn the color of my nephews one-day-to-be-highschool colors. I finished one hat last fall, and the second one for the younger brother is now ONE ENTIRE YEAR LATER finished. At least I finished it though, I keep working through my list, and I stick to hats because they are the most useful and something I can actually finish even if I have to rip them out a few times. In most cases I am using it an as opportunity to design a new pattern.

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