Monthly Archives: September 2010

Pattern Redux

So I’ve been working hard to get all my patterns re-knit in fresh new yarns, hopefully in time to have all new photography when I sell my patterns at SAFF! If you are in the GA/NC/SC area you really should make the trip. The festival has grown so much in the past few years, it’s much larger then it used to be. I’m excited for this year because I’ve never before sold my patterns at a booth or any craft festivals. I’ll be in the same booth as two very talented Petite Purls designers, Kate Oates of Tottoppers and Carey Huffman of Full of Fluff. ┬áIt’s going to be a kids knits extravaganza!

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Busy Little Bee

It’s going to be 92 degrees here today in Atlanta. It’s hard to get into a “fall” state of mind with that sort of heat, but that didn’t stop me from having a holiday-cookie-baking-urge, pre-halloween pumpkin shaped cookies would be perfect right? I also had an un-stoppable urge to sew something by hand, and the need to re-paint a vintage rocking horse, all within the last 2 days!

Being a stay at home mom of two kids can be pretty daunting. With 1 child you get a bit more “you” time (even if it doesn’t feel like it, because I know it sure didn’t back when I had just the one). With two its all about balance. It helps give a bit of meaning to the day for myself and the kids if I pick some sort of project to complete. It’s even better when the project involves them. The rocking horse they get to ride and see the result of a new paint job, the cookies they get to eat, and the toy they get to play with. It also gives me something to work on and makes the day go faster. Yesterday we went out and got the supplies to paint the horse. Painters tape, spray paint and some little wooden thingies to cover some screw holes they were missing. BG loves these sort of adventures, and loves helping in any way she can.

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