Fruit Loop Love

I have been wanting to make a special section with FO’s from all the talanted knitters who are out there knitting Pixie Purls patterns, but until I get around to that, I just had to show you guys this adorable Fruit Loop knit by Leah over on Ravelry. Could you not explode with cuteness over that […]

Milk on a Newborn

What do ya think? Sooo sweet! Amazing how it fits a 6 pound baby, and it fit my 12 pound 3 month old! Isn’t she the cutest model? She’s my friends 3rd little girl. She makes the cutest babies! Now I have to pick which one to use as the front pattern photo, hard to decide!

Re: Serendipity Needle Size

I recieved a message within ravelry the other day (rav mail!) from a very sweet knitter, Pam. She gave me permission to repost our conversation here on my blog, I thought it might be of use to those knitting Serendipity who might have the same question! From: Pam … I made the infant size yesterday, […]

Is it snowing right now?

How exciting, Susan B. Anderson mentioned my Serendipity hat pattern on her blog today! Also very exciting, the Spud & Chloë blog did an entire blog post just about the pattern! Isnt’ it wonderful, how supportive they are of indie designers? Run out and get some of their Outer yarn today, it really is fantastic. […]