Monthly Archives: February 2009

Speaking at the Atlanta Knitting Guild

I wanted to write an entry about my experience speaking at the Atlanta Knitting Guild last week. It truly was a blast! I took the day off for work so that I wouldn’t have to stress about Atlanta traffic. I also got the oil changed in my car and ran a few other errands on my way. It was a great day (aside from the fact that BG threw up on me that morning, sorry tmi!) and considering that was how I started my day I was so pleased with how well things went.
Left half of the front seating. For some reason I forgot I had my camera in my bag and just used my iphone which isn’t the best for wide angle shots.

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Atlanta Knitting Guild, Thursday February 5th

I am very excited about this coming thursday evening in Atlanta! I will be in Atlanta speaking about knit-blogging, knit-podcasting and most importantly, what it’s like to throw yourself headfirst into knitwear design! I am speaking at the monthly Atlanta Knitting Guild meeting and Only Ewe and Cotton Too will be selling hard copies (color!) of my patterns.
Social hour begins at 6:30 and I believe I start talking at 7:30pm.
St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church
4755 N Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30338
If I recall correctly if you are not a member it’s okay to come to a meeting to check it out, and of course while you are there you can sign up for a membership if you enjoy it. More info on their website.
Please come out and say hi! I am looking forward to the social hour as I don’t get much of that these days. I am trying to get going again on my latest design so I can have a preview to show people, not a garuntee though! I will of course have all my various samples that I used for all of the pattern photos. See you there!
Update: it’s the 5th, not the 15th. Corrected that.