Monthly Archives: February 2014

A Snow Day Valentines

It’s snowing across the east coast and we are right in the middle of it in Virginia. Richmond is a strange place these days. You can often miss loads of snow by a simple 30 minute drive. To the west of us they have 15 inches and here so far we have 5 with a few more supposed to come this evening. I will hopefully be knitting today, I’ve wanted to knit all week but not had time trying to get loads done before the snow hit. All snowed in, must be knitting time! A hat for me and a hat for my husband is next up.

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Eating Clean – The Clean Cleanse

What is Clean? It’s a book that is only $4 on kindle¬†and a little bit more in trade paperback. It’s about removing toxins from your food and eating clean to give your body a chance to heal itself. You don’t need to have calorie limits, you just need to eat clean and have lots of smoothies. The smoothies are for breakfast and dinner, they make your body work LESS on digesting food because a fruit/veggie smoothie is already broken down, and work MORE on burning old fat and getting yucky stuff thats built up over the years out of your system. You can do it for 7 days, but 21 is the real goal.

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