Monthly Archives: October 2013

*Knit, rip, repeat. *Knit, itch, repeat.

When I was at KnittingDaily TV filming they had some yarn leftover from last season and let us have our pick. I snagged an afghan kit from Colinette yarns, one of those really expensive pretty ones, SCORE! I’ve always wanted one, not to knit a blanket but to do other things with. It was perfect. Then I knit up my idea using two selected skeins from it and well, it turned out gross. Not up to my standards. DO NOT LIKE. Not the yarns fault exactly, it was not my first color choice but also the design just didn’t come out like I imagined. I love their yarn and still do, it just didn’t work. I didn’t actually rip it I just slipped the needle off and left it in my knitting basket.

Then I found a stash of Debbie Bliss Bulky cashmerino in my closet. So I cast on to make up another idea. It also has not turned out, I ripped and I do plan to cast on for that one again for sure but sorta lost my juice after several rips and repeats. For each one of those ideas I actually cast on and ripped a few times to get the look right as I went.

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