Monthly Archives: May 2011

TNNA Here I Come

I am so excited about TNNA. Apparently its very soon – which scares me because I have not finished coding the Summer Petite Purls and that must be done and launched before TNNA.

Last year was the first time Allegra and I met, it was just coming up on Petite Purls 1st anniversary. Here we are one year later, and Petite Purls is still going strong. We made many connections at the first TNNA which will be resulting in some amazing content in our Summer issue, all things come full circle. I also brought my book proposal with me to TNNA, and this year I’ll be meeting in person with my editor and working on the actual book. I personally felt the last year has been incredibly hard, but at the same time I look at all the success we’ve had and how far I have come personally.

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Knit One, Knit All

I had heard a while ago a possible Elizabeth Zimmermann book based on some unplublished patterns, probably on the Schoolhouse Press Newsletter. I had soon forgotten all about it until I saw Susan B. Anderson mention it on twitter. I jumped right over to the Schoolhouse Press website and found and ordered it. I don’t remember which day I ordered it but I think it was only like two days ago, and the book arrived in the ┬ámail already! doesn’t seem to have it yet (said 2-3 weeks when I checked) and I would rather order direct from the source anyway.

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