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Lots Cooking!

I am feeling very accomplished you guys! I’ve got two patterns coming out (as soon as I create the fancy PDF formatting and schematics etc, I’m a bit burnt out from petite purls so slacking on that front), I made my first cut-out sugar cookies from scratch with my own frosting, and they came out GREAT! And in the last 48 hours I have sewn up my first two completed items of clothing! I asked a long-time knitting buddy Brett if he could teach me how to sew, I needed a private lesson and lots of time (and forgiveness for awful baby behavior, tho really there was not much of that). He obliged as he is one quarter from graduating with a fashion design degree. How lucky am I to know such a cool dude? Claudia did introduce me though so she gets some credit there. Hah.

The time after Petite Purls launches is always nice, I just step away from it for a while and try not to think about it or stress about it. It also being the holiday season the husbeast has been home to help out a LOT with the kids. He watched LG and BG while I sewed for nearly 8 hours straight yesterday, and 2 or so hours today.

So yesterday when Brett came over, he was kind enough to hold miss LG when she was fussing and refusing to go to bed. She was SO over the husbeast, wouldn’t even let him hold her any more (remember, 8 hours!). So Brett was holding her and she got all excited and was smiling and flapping her arms, and then, just when things seemed okay, she spit up a very large amount on HIS FACE no less, right into his goatee, looked like he had poured cream all over it. It was awful and disgusting and I lost it so bad I could not stop laughing. Poor Brett, and do you know what sort of trooper he is? He offered to hold her, AGAIN! Those are some serious coolness points there people!

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I’ve been very tired and not been able to finish knitting as much as I would like, but last night I was determined LG would have a hat for herself, something super cut and chunky. I got my hot little hands on the new Spud & Chloe (Outer) colors coming out in January, and I really loved Sunkissed, it matches some of the fabric in her crib quilt, the trees have a bit of this peachy pink in them.

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