Busy Knitting Hats…

I’ve been busy knitting hats, two complete with 1 left to go. I was so excited when the 6yo and 9yo newphews loved the one I made (I owe the 6yo his!), they said “Its really cozy” and “I really like it!”. Hopefully my sister can remember NOT to stick Madelinetosh Pashmina in the dryer! […]

Hats on Heads

No kniting pattern I have created surpases the pure simplicity and easy customization of The Basic Winter Hat. Its nothing clever or new, but I come back to it over and over again. I like simple, I like easily modified for a little creativity. I suppose that is why I have knit it about 30 […]

Pint Sized Knits

I’ve come to the conclusion that the smaller the knitted item, the more likely I am to finish it. I’ve always had start-itis, and its hard to have gratification in a timely manner with many knitting projects that can take weeks, months, if not years. I enjoyed the project size ranges in my book Just […]