Monthly Archives: December 2012

Busy Knitting Hats…

I’ve been busy knitting hats, two complete with 1 left to go. I was so excited when the 6yo and 9yo newphews loved the one I made (I owe the 6yo his!), they said “Its really cozy” and “I really like it!”. Hopefully my sister can remember NOT to stick Madelinetosh Pashmina in the dryer! I’ll post pics of them on the boys once I’ve completed the second one. We’ve had more visits from relatives int he past 3 months then we’ve had in 10 years and its been really wonderful, keeping us busy! In the mean time…

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Hats on Heads

No kniting pattern I have created surpases the pure simplicity and easy customization of The Basic Winter Hat. Its nothing clever or new, but I come back to it over and over again. I like simple, I like easily modified for a little creativity. I suppose that is why I have knit it about 30 times over.

I cast on 80 stitches in the toddler size to get more negative ease to get a tighter fitting cap for cold mornings at the bust stop. Then I just knit until it would fit both kids in length, by trying it on every now and then. I started out on a 16″ and eventually moved to a 40″ circular so I could magic loop the end.

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Pint Sized Knits

I’ve come to the conclusion that the smaller the knitted item, the more likely I am to finish it. I’ve always had start-itis, and its hard to have gratification in a timely manner with many knitting projects that can take weeks, months, if not years. I enjoyed the project size ranges in my book Just Like Me Knits (socks, hats, sweaters to jacket), but wanted to go in a slightly different direction for my next projects. I’m focusing on smaller items, and smaller stitches! I love a sock weight yarn knit on size 6 needles, or size 1 needles. I love to explore the various drape and fabric created by simply changing the needle size.

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Amazon here we come!

I was so excited to get this e-mail from amazon shortly after my blog post yesterday. I was the first book in the list! I have no idea how this is generated, if it’s 100% personalized to me I suppose its not so special because I’ve searched for that so its showing it to me, but I can try to think there’s a possibility its not so personalized and just their current generated craft e-mail and more people got to see this, I suppose I’ll never know. It was really neat to find it in my inbox regardless!

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Hitting bookshelves in April 2013…

I am so excited that the cover of my new book; Just Like Me Knits: Matching Patterns for Kids and Their Favorite Dolls is finally up on! So now you can see one design from the book atleast! Well technically there are three present on the cover, the ruffled ballet wrap on the child, the matching version on the doll (with the sweetest garter-i-cord ties ever) as well as a sweet little dress to sew for the doll.

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