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Egg Pancake (Kaka) – Breakfast of Champions

When I was growing up I used to spend a lot of my time across the street with my neighbors. Two girls, one a  year or so older then me and a year or so younger then me. We made a very fun trio. They had a delicious recipe which I always enjoyed and still make myself to this day.

I believe it was a family recipe, and is most certainly a breakfast of sorts. I found a very small reference online that “Egg Kaka means Swedish Pancake” and then I found this¬†which is helpful. It’s not really a cake, so Pancake seems more acurate. Its delicious and I always eat it with fresh lemon and powdered sugar which compliment it perfectly.

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The first box arrives…

So excited to have received this in the mail from Potter Craft (Randomhouse). Betty Wong is my editor and the last part of the book publishing process is just full of lots of fun! These lovely cards came, which I believe they printed for the various events they go to. It contains the pattern for a little bear hat. I can’t wait until they release the photo for the child version because it’s one of my favorite photos in the book.

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