People often ask me about my pixie logo, I commissioned the piece from Aimee Ray, an exceptional artist and illustrator. The art work is original and copyright pixiepurls.com and is not to be used or copied without permission from me.

My knitting obsession began in 2003 and has been going strong sense. I actually thought I was taking a crochet class at a local yarn store. I had purchased a little learn to crochet kit at a craft store and hadn’t had any luck. When I signed up for the class I just assumed they would teach crochet as well as knitting. So when I showed up and didn’t have any needles, I was quickly led over to some nice bamboo size 8s. Then I was led over to the “learning” yarn area. I really couldn’t motivate myself to learn with any of that yarn, and I found myself holding a lovely teal skein of Baby Alpaca. After that my natural fiber obssesion has grown by leaps and bounds!

In 2007 I gave birth to my first daughter. While I was pregnant  I knit up a bunch of baby sweaters, there were loads of wonderful patterns out there but not always exactly what I was looking for. I had been thinking of a cute short sleeve top I would like to knit my girl, when she was about 4 months old. I kept thinking about sock yarn, because it knits up so light and airy. Shopping for yarn one day I found some really fun red, white and blue sock yarn themed for the 4th of July. I immediatly had the image of a cute cap sleeve top knit up in that sock yarn. I went home and measured one of her onsie’s and quickly cast on. Thus began my adventures in knitwear design for babies.

In early 2009 a good blog-buddy and baby-buddy, Allegra Wermuth had the idea of the two of us starting an online knitting magazine for baby and kids patterns. She didn’t actually know at the time the extent of my web design experience, and I didn’t know at the time the extent of her fantastic memory and good organizational skills. It was a bit like magic how Petite Purls came together. Petite Purls retired n 2012.

By 2013 I published my first book with Randomhouse, which was an amazing experience. Just Like Me Knits was a challenge for a work from home mom with two little ones, but turned into a treasured memento for me of their young childhood.

Meeting one of our hero’s, Debbie Bliss, at TNNA in 2010.

Strawberry Shortcake Scetching

My first sketch for Fruit Loop

Strawberry Shortcake

Experimental test knit for Fruit Loop

Claudia with LG!

LG & Claudia, my personal knitting guru

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  1. Nicoleta says:

    Hi dear Madame,
    please, tell me if you have still the fox mitts’s pattern?
    thank you!
    best regards, Nicoleta

  2. Hello
    How can I see patterns
    Tank you

  3. I just came across a photo of a beautifully knitted baby´s blanket with the XOXO knitted into it. I would love to make this for my niece´s baby but am unable to find the pattern on your site. Could you let me know how I can receive the pattern? Thanks in advance, Cathy

  4. Melinda Tarbell says:


    I saw a photo of Chompers pants under the free pattern section on knittinghelp.com that I would like to make. The link led me to your website, but was unable to connect to the webpage. Is this pattern available? In the photo it was a navy blue pant with a monster at the cuff on each leg.


  5. Hi, I found the cutest ladybug sweater, but the link does not work. It leads me here, but then says something like can’t be found. I would very much like to know if you still have it to sell?
    Thank you so much.

  6. Virginia Rader says:

    I was on knitting help.com, who linked to several sweaters on your site, but the links did not work and I couldn’t find them in your search box. Can you send me links to “Diamond and Bobble Cardigan, Spring Picnic Cardigan, and Radiant Cardigan”.


  7. I’m looking for a post I pinned a while back. It’s the patchwork potholder. Basically the simply weaved potholders connected to make a rug. Could you help me find that project?


  8. My daughter sent me a link for a ticking blanket with a picture of 2 children that was striped squares and then you put all the squares together. I kept the pattern and have been working on the blanket and am now at the final stages of finishing it, but I don’t know what to do after I get all the squares in rows and the rows all together. Can you please send me the finishing stitches to this ticking blanket? Thank you so much I have enjoyed working on this blanket for my grandson. Sincerely, Roxie Lynch

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