Monthly Archives: September 2013

A trip to Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell

If you are plugged into the knitting world then you may know that Vickie Howell is the new host of KDTV. This came about in relation to Interweave Knits magazine having a new editor (the lovely Lisa Shroyer pictured below). Lots of exciting changes at Interweave, and I had the delight of hanging with them for a short bit on the new season of Knitting Daily TV, which will begin airing in January.

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How To Make Rubber Band Bracelets – No Rainbow Loom

So apparently rubber-band bracelets are all the rage at our local elementary school. My nephews must have begged their mom for some and when she text’d me about it I quickly asked her to buy some packs for the girls as well. $1.99 at Michaels craft stores (Don’t ask me where, I walked around that place for an hour yesterday looking for halloween decorations and never once saw them).

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Rainbows and Pom-Poms

It all started a few weeks ago when I was at the mall doing that dreaded thing called back-to-school-cloths-shopping. We passed the Build-a-bear workshop and I may have actually squealed out-loud when I saw the my little ponies in the window. Oddly enough BG was not impressed, at 6 years old apparently the thrill of a my little pony is inferior to the thrill of a stuffed bunny. Not that I should be complaining. She didn’t want one so I insisted that we make a Rainbow-dash for me… I mean for LG!!! Ehem…

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The Buffy Hat

I am so amazed this hat already has 50 hearts on Ravelry. I just put it up last night and was quiet surprised when I checked it this afternoon!

I’ve had the hat lying around for more then 2 months. It was intended for Petite Purls but it didn’t quiet fit in with the rest, and usually coding an issue turns out to be more important then finishing a design to be in an issue. So the hat lay around and my oldest kept wearing it out and about and finally got around to photographing it yesterday right before bed time, messy hair and all!

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