60 Quick Baby Knits

I’m excited to tell you about my latest pattern, which is in a book! Seriously, you can go to Barnes and Noble and find my design in a book! GAH! How exciting is that? I think every knitter I know was pretty excited about the first “60 Quick Knits” book, which features all Cascade 220 patterns. This book is a second in the series with a focus all on baby stuff, knit in the superwash version of Cascade 220. There is a wall in Cast on Cottage of cascade 220, that is 3 times the height and width of me. It’s a literal rainbow of color. Cascade offers every shade you could ever desire. I’m planning to use some of it in the future again soon.

I am design #7 in the book (page 20-something), they wrote it up as a “Chanel Inspired” cardigan. I personally think of it more as a jacket, layered over a ruffled dress it would look so sweet! I have a wonderful twitter follower who has volunteered to knit another one up for me (the book publisher will be keeping my sample) so that I can get some photographs of it on a model. I was a bit sad to not see mine worn on a baby, but many of the designs in the book are not photographed on one so I’ll try not to pout too long! Get out and support your local yarn shop and get a copy. Some places still refer to it as pre-order but I know my yarn shop has had it for a bit now. There is a super adorable “Songbird Sweater” (#18) by Pat Olski which I adore, and a very handsome “Fisherman’s Pullover” which I really want to knit.

My design is extremely easy to knit. It’s garter stitch, enough said. The idea of the book is “quick” knits and those are my favorite kind of knits to be sure! It’s the perfect book for an expectant mother, or if you have lots of baby showers to knit for. For the price and the amount of patterns you get, it’s a steal!

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  1. I’m going to check if they have patterns for toddlers as well.

  2. That is awesome – Congrats!! The book sounds great – I have tons of babies to knit for right now. Your design is really cute!

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