Monthly Archives: May 2012

How to create a PDF pattern piece in Illustrator

Many times over the past few years we have had sewing patterns in Petite Purls. The question will sometimes come up as to how to create them and how they are printed. I have asked around a few times but not gotten a lot of straight answers, I’ve even asked publishers and still not found a clear answer. So here is what I do and the process I came up with for myself and for Petite Purls. I am not saying this is the correct way to do it, it is simply the way that I do it. Continue reading

Vintage Things I love

I have an idea for a cute boys vest I’ve yet to get too, sadly. It’s a cute one and I should knit it right this minute but I find myself wanting to revel in the stress-free experience of knitting something I don’t have to calculate and tweak, letting someone else have gone through all the stress for me. I have a Ysolda pattern and a Marnie McLean pattern lined up to knit but they are both fairly large and before I get too deep I want something small and quick.

I picked up two lovely skeins of Malabrigo sock in a lovely un-dyed cream colorway. I think knee socks would be super cute styled with tall leather boots and a skirt. I also would like to knit a hat with some of the yarn I picked up from Bijou Basin at MDS&W. I have to pick a pattern for the hat, thinking a simple Petite Purls Back to Basics hat will do the trick. I find myself wanting to re-knit a few of my older patterns and things I designed for the book, in larges sizes to fit the girls this fall. Continue reading