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Rainbows and Pom-Poms

It all started a few weeks ago when I was at the mall doing that dreaded thing called back-to-school-cloths-shopping. We passed the Build-a-bear workshop and I may have actually squealed out-loud when I saw the my little ponies in the window. Oddly enough BG was not impressed, at 6 years old apparently the thrill of a my little pony is inferior to the thrill of a stuffed bunny. Not that I should be complaining. She didn’t want one so I insisted that we make a Rainbow-dash for me… I mean for LG!!! Ehem…

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Serendipity Mittens (free pattern!)

Snow is a rare thing here in Georgia, but we had the wonderful gift of a white Christmas this year. Last year I kept saying I would knit mittens for my 2 year old but I never got around to it and we had a few instances of a crying toddler because her hands turned red from the cold. This year I was determined and it took two false starts to get what I wanted.

First I tried a little fair isle mitten, but it came out too small and after several hours knitting with no result I was frustrated with little progress, she needed these the next day. Then I tried a bulky yarn pattern, but the yarn was just not soft enough (you need it a bit flexible for little hands to play) and I found that her tiny little thumb never found its way into the thumb hole, or somehow poked through the bulk yarn. I realized that by not having a thumb in her mittens not only would she be more warm with all of her fingers together, but it would be much easier to knit.

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Country Kiddie the 3rd

Here is a freshly knit up version of Country Kiddie, this time in Patons Kroy Socks in “Lavender Fleck”. It’s a really wonderful color, doesn’t pool when knit up in this size and looks wonderful with a white skirt or blue jeans. It was about time my youngest had her own fresh version of my original design! I took the last photo at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, it was the first time I took the girls and they just loved it. It was the perfect place for someone BGs age. They had a large children’s garden with slides, and loads of pumpkins and gourds on the ground to be touched and played with. We will have to go back next spring when more flowers are in bloom. The girls loved getting really close to the butterflies, and all the water features in the park are really amazing. We got to go behind a mini waterfall. I think that was the highlight of the day, it was difficult to lure the girls on to the next fun spot.

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Pattern Redux

So I’ve been working hard to get all my patterns re-knit in fresh new yarns, hopefully in time to have all new photography when I sell my patterns at SAFF! If you are in the GA/NC/SC area you really should make the trip. The festival has grown so much in the past few years, it’s much larger then it used to be. I’m excited for this year because I’ve never before sold my patterns at a booth or any craft festivals. I’ll be in the same booth as two very talented Petite Purls designers, Kate Oates of Tottoppers and Carey Huffman of Full of Fluff. ┬áIt’s going to be a kids knits extravaganza!

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a little pre-winter knitting

I am never ahead of the game when it comes to knitting for my kids, last winter I kept saying I would knit some mittens for BG (because there are never any good mittens to fit a toddler available in stores) and as I live in Georgia the need for mittens was not very high. But then it kept snowing, and each time it snows BG would go outside in the snow and cry from her hands getting frozen from the snow, and I would feel awful (we put socks and gloves on her hands but they got wet or fell off, we tried loads, mostly everything got wet). So this year I have vowed to get ahead of things. This means I need 2 winter hats, and atleast 1 set of gloves for BG, and maybe a second set for the baby.

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