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Maryland Sheep & Wool 2014

I love my phone, and the other day I was waiting in line for coffee and dropped it face down onto the hard floor. I used to have a case on it, I’ve dropped it on the sidewalk and driveway countless times and never gotten a scratch on it. Well I recently switched it to one of those neat cases that lets you put a credit card in the back. I switched because my get uncommon case finally broke (after countless abuse) and I was looking forward to the ID/CC holder on the back of the other one. It was a huge mistake because I know if I had the get one still on there it would not have broken, lesson learned!

The point of bringing this up is that after I had the phone screen fixed and got home I quickly realized the focus feature on the camera doesn’t work anymore. I won’t be able to get the phone back to be looked at again for at least a week. Sad timing as we went to Maryland Sheep & Wool and I didn’t realize it was broken until we had been driving for about an hour, and I had not brought my good camera because I thought “eh, I’ll just shoot with my phone”.

This means the photos in this post are a little blurry if anything is close up!

This is the entrance to the festival, with lots of fun yarn bombings, LG wanted to pick up and fix any pom pons that fell off, so we did!

It’s not MDS&W unless you see sheep!

I bought just a few things, a little of each. Yarn, roving a spindle and a pair of needles.

A really beautiful skien of Bugga.

An amazing Bosworth Zebra Wood .8 spindle, with some lovely silk and merino roving from Jennie the Potter.

I’ve made it an annual tradition to buy from two particular vendors at MDS&W each year. The first being Signature Needle Arts. I adore their needles. Its like knitting with butter. Any yarn feels like a dream on them. I especially love their circulars and this year they had something new! A sort of “convertible” system. You buy a set of needles and then pick your length for the circular but you can actually switch out to any length, so you don’t have to invest in a whole new needle set to get a new length! Very cool. So I picked a size 3 with a 20″ to make some wee baby things.

The second is Bijou Basin Bliss. One of my absolute favorite “camping” yarns. A hat knit from this yarn is literally the perfect camp hat. It keeps your head warm on chilly mornings, but is light enough not to make you feel stuffy or hot. It comes in a many lovely jewel tones that I adore. It’s not super wash, but that is why it works so well. Its a lovely combination of Yak and Cormo. 1 skien will make a nice beanie.

Fair food is essential!

Here LG is wearing the Satya Ballet wrap from Just Like Me Knits! It fits her now, 2 years after it was knit for the cover of the book!

A trip to Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell

If you are plugged into the knitting world then you may know that Vickie Howell is the new host of KDTV. This came about in relation to Interweave Knits magazine having a new editor (the lovely Lisa Shroyer pictured below). Lots of exciting changes at Interweave, and I had the delight of hanging with them for a short bit on the new season of Knitting Daily TV, which will begin airing in January.

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TNNA 2011 – Petite Purls Grrls

The last month of my life is one gigantic blur, actually the last two months. My husband traveled out of town a lot, I had a car accident which resulted in my waiting a month to get a new car, and I had to do a heck of a lot of work on the latest Petite Purls to get the new design and issue up (with my partner in crime Allegra).

I had a wonderful time at TNNA, I don’t remember half of it but the parts where I didn’t spend it on my computer coding (hrmm maybe 40% I was not coding?) I really enjoyed.

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TNNA Here I Come

I am so excited about TNNA. Apparently its very soon – which scares me because I have not finished coding the Summer Petite Purls and that must be done and launched before TNNA.

Last year was the first time Allegra and I met, it was just coming up on Petite Purls 1st anniversary. Here we are one year later, and Petite Purls is still going strong. We made many connections at the first TNNA which will be resulting in some amazing content in our Summer issue, all things come full circle. I also brought my book proposal with me to TNNA, and this year I’ll be meeting in person with my editor and working on the actual book. I personally felt the last year has been incredibly hard, but at the same time I look at all the success we’ve had and how far I have come personally.

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New York City: Part 2

I arrived into NYC around 5pm in the evening, the sun was setting as I took a taxi to the Hilton (The largest hotel in NYC btw, and the knitters took up 1/3rd of it, walking around though it seemed like 3/4ths). The trouble with going on these sort of trips is hoping you run into people you know and they don’t mind a bit of company, because while I never mind being alone, I did not come to NYC to be sit by myself the whole time! I was very lucky to run into the team that makes up Bijou Basin Ranch on thursday night. A wonderful husband and wife team, along with the always wonderful Marly from YarnThing fame who (hope I get this right) is creative director for their pattern line, and she has some really wonderful designs with them (including that cabled hooded jacket that I seriously wanted to steal).

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