Photographing Blankets

I know, I owe you guys a NYC part 3, I am so slow. I finished the two projects I was working on for publication and I am so happy to be done with those! Now I am swatching and sketching for the book whenever the kids let me. ┬áLast night I caught up on a bunch of Petite Purls work, and I wanted to share with you our latest free pattern (designed and knit by the wonderful Thomas Wermuth, Allegra’s dad!) which I was very happy to photograph.

It started out complicated enough. I needed to photograph two blankets, and for back to basics everything has to have the same wall color background and be shot in BG’s room next to her window. I kept thinking, what do I do with these blankets?? Hang them on a chair, lay them on the floor? It all seemed silly, and I don’t have a grand set up like blanket magazines do, no made beds, or clean bedrooms to photograph (however if you want a photograph with a potty and 50 lego pieces strewn about in it, I’m your girl).

So then I got the bright idea to stick LG inside a big doll bed/basinette that we have. It didn’t go so well. She was not very interested. She would not look at me, she would not STOP MOVING. In the mean time BG was getting angry I was A) not paying attention to her and B) not taking HER picture. So after getting very aggrevated with the little one, and after BG having a tantrum and then calming down, she said sweetly to me “is it my turn now?” to which I said, sure why the heck not. In she climbed into the doll bad, and what do you know but they wound up being the perfect photos. She was so good at sitting up if I asked, putting her head towards the light and keeping her eyes forward. She’s getting really good at listening! I am so happy she still seems to enjoy being photographed, and she loved if I showed her each picture after I took it (the BEST treat you can ever give a kid to motivate them).

It also is a good example of how sometimes with kids, you have to change your plans to get the best results. I kept thinking, I need a BABY and a blanket, but I think the pictures of BG work really well despite her age. She still has those adorable baby hands with their little dimples.

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  1. I adore these photos – gorgeous. The warmth and lighting are superb. Your daughter is precious as is the blanket. So well done.

  2. The photos are gorgeous. Yes, she totally works! Though I know what you mean about wanting a younger model. Melody is getting to same stage as BG and can take directions to a certain extent. Of course, it works out better when she is willing and not cranky, tired or hungry. Lol!

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