Earth Day and Spring

It seems like Spring has finally full arrived and some days are even hot! I love spring and fall so I hope we have lots of spring-like days vs summer-like days until summer is officially here.

We’ve been working on the backyard as we now enter the second year in our house its about time we settled in and did some work outside.

The picnic table on the left was built by my husband, his first true FO!! We are all very impressed. 1 warped board to replace on the top and 2 benches to finish so I can move the patio chairs someplace else. The whiskey barrel is from home depot and has a bit of rosemary in it. Smells so lovely.

We are keeping the girls busy with chalk paint when there are tasks that require they stay a little farther back, but anytime we can involve them in planting or organizing they are ready to help.

The best job for a 4yo is to water all the planets! This is my Meyer Lemon tree which went into hibernation mode all winter. I thought it would die but it didn’t but it did loose a lot of leaves. It already has loads of of buds on it from just a few days out in the sun and the stalks all turned a lovely deep green to match the leaves which I thought was quiet amazing because it was certainly not that green when in the house. The trick will to keep it watered. Luckily I have the 4yo to help!

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