Things I covet from TNNA

Lets just get to the good stuff, things I found at TNNA and wanted! Lets start with these amazing little Crochet Hook kits from Etimo/Tulip. SO adorable.


This amazing yarn by which was just too fun with tiny daisies and sparkles worked into it.

Fable Fibers, she makes AMAZING stuff. Hand dyed and lovely. She does the very cool Yarn Box everyone loves! (this is my skein, lucky me!!)

Anzula yarn, every indie knitwear designers friend! So soft and loads of options.

The sidekick spinning wheel by Schact! This is me spinning. I kinda loved it. They also have an amazing new Zoom Loom which I’ll post about later.

Last but not leaset, this Fake Up by Benefits which Angela Tong had in her makeup bag for under your eyes.

More TNNA posts to come 🙂

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