Quinn Blanket

One of the biggest surprises about the book has been the popularity of the blanket pattern. I had originally intended for it to be crochet but with the addition of the sewing information it was important for the publishers to keep the book focused on knitting. So I had to quickly change my plan and come up with a knit version. I love a blanket that looks good from both sides, and so I wanted it to be as much garter ridge as possible but be similar to feather and fan.

So there you have it, a ripple-ish garter ridge blanket pattern that looks good from both sides. Due to the garter ridge it does eat up more yarn then usual. This means its a very cozy blanket! I’ve been so pleased to see the Ravelry love for it. View the Quinn Blanket on Ravelry.

It’s knit in a worsted weight yarn, spud and chloe sweater which is a wool/cotton mix. Knit in a 100% wool it may be a bit lighter but I like the washability of the blend for heavily used and heavily washed items.

Signing books at Yarn Rhapsody in Georgia, pictured with one of my original knitting buddies, Tammy:

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