Vintage Things I love

I have an idea for a cute boys vest I’ve yet to get too, sadly. It’s a cute one and I should knit it right this minute but I find myself wanting to revel in the stress-free experience of knitting something I don’t have to calculate and tweak, letting someone else have gone through all the stress for me. I have a Ysolda pattern and a Marnie McLean pattern lined up to knit but they are both fairly large and before I get too deep I want something small and quick.

I picked up two lovely skeins of Malabrigo sock in a lovely un-dyed cream colorway. I think knee socks would be super cute styled with tall leather boots and a skirt. I also would like to knit a hat with some of the yarn I picked up from Bijou Basin at MDS&W. I have to pick a pattern for the hat, thinking a simple Petite Purls Back to Basics hat will do the trick. I find myself wanting to re-knit a few of my older patterns and things I designed for the book, in larges sizes to fit the girls this fall.

Here is a pretty cream shawl from MDS&W, just my style (and those pretty pins) but in this photo, what I really want is that amazing vintage dress form. I have a little list of vintage things I covert: A pink Royal Typewriter (CHECK!), a Rollieflex (Semi-Check as I have a rolliecord but it badly needs to be cleaned inside) and one of these neat dress forms from NYC with the cool metal base, from the 1950’s the exact same time frame as the other items on my list. Apparently I really love mechanical items from the 50’s. If I ever get my own true studio/office space I hope all of these items will decorate it, and even better yet, still be used. There is something nostalgic about a typewriter written note, and somehow more meaningful given that if you mess up you have to start ALL over, you don’t just get to copy paste.

Aren’t they pretty? My favorite vintage items. I replaced the ribbon in the typewriter all by myself (boy what a mess that was) but both of these items need a cleaning from a professional, badly! BG loved the typewriter and it actually lives in her room in its box, and every once in a while she see’s the box and immediately asks me if we can type on it. The keys stick a bit, so another reason I want to get it cleaned is so that she can type on it easier. It strips away all the confusion of a computer, and brings you to the very basics of typing. No youtube or video games to distract her, just working on writing one word at a time.

The camera came from my FIL and was his fathers. The screen needs to be badly cleaned but the lens appears to be in perfect condition, thanks to a filter that was on the outside which took any beats and had to be removed, underneath it was perfect. I ordered a brand new double cover for the lens’s to better protect them and a little vintage lens hood to protect it when shooting. I’ve not really shot with it yet because it really needs to be cleaned. It’s one of those things where you have to just wait for the opportunity to present itself and keep your eyes open because taking them to the wrong person could mean they get ruined. So I’ll wait until the right time presents itself to have them fixed up and cleaned.

When I was away for the weekend, LG went to daycare one of the days and just like that, caught Hand Foot and Mouth. This is the second time she has had it this year. She caught a very light version of it during my work on the book when she was in a child care before. She can’t even go one day without catching something 🙁 and I am left hoping BG doesn’t catch strep, so far only one child caught it in the front half of the room she is in. We’ve had a horrible run of it this year with illness. I’m ready for some change.

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