Vogue Knitting Live 2015

I had the pleasure of going to Vogue Knitting Live as a “just for fun” sort of trip in January. A marketplace ticket was all I needed ($15 on sale) and I just enjoyed each day looking at yarn, hanging with my friends and having drinks in the hotel lounge with random yarnies. I went with my BFF Claudia who is the owner of Yarn Rhapsody in North Georgia, and a very good friend of hers. We made a happy threesome who enjoyed yarn, sushi and beer in the big apple.


Pushcart Coffee on 2nd Avenue near the south east side of the island. I wandered fairly far from times square on the subway and enjoyed people watching all the school buses and parents walking their kids home from school around 3pm. So many young kids went into the coffee place for hot chocolate. 

I’ve always enjoyed Mochimochi Land and her adorable tiny knits and the super cute kits she always sells at VKL. We share the same publisher (her books are fantastic) and I’ve always wanted to knit more of her little patterns. It was January so I picked out a snowman to knit for BG (Big Girl, 7yo) and a wee sweet owl for LG (Little Girl, 5yo) because well, I wanted to knit them something as it’s been a while sense I’ve knit them something just for fun from me.

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These little creatures traveled all over NYC with m. I spent two evenings knitting in the hotel bed, one night until 2am to get them finished. They are a very quick knit. I knit 3 total during the weekend I was in NYC.


Yummy sushi in on of those restaurants under the street. Not for the claustrophobic. Super yummy.


This picture was crazy hard to take because it was windy and they kept falling over! I had a split second and had to photoshop Claudia’s hand out of the corner of the photo as sh moved it away. Super fast shutter speed for the win!!! Times Square of course!


Yes I totally did that. They wanted to keep them! My kids just love this picture. Thank you Delta Airlines and to the very nice pilots who humored me and to the funny airline attendant who took the picture without giving the pilots any context “hold these real quick”, so funny.

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I took a fun little (free!) tutorial from the talented and wonderfully sweet Vickie Howell. Its always a pleasure to run into her at events. I’ve pre-ordered her very fun finger-knitting book and can’t wait to get it. BG and I will have a blast with it this summer.

I got to meet Arne and Carlos who are two very practical knitters with a really cool background. Sweet guys, with really beautiful designed knitwear. I highly recommend their books.

I’ve always enjoyed VKL. They have top tier teachers, and who can be unhappy in NYC? Until next year, I hope!

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