Yellow & Blue

Two of my favorite colors, I adore a lovely yellow. Buttery and rich, this yellow called “Carrie’s Yellow” from Quince & Co is delightful. It’s not as bright as pictured here. The last yellow I loved this much can be seen here. The blue is quiet nice as well, a lovely denim blue. I was very pleased when I opened the box, I’ve never knit with their yarn before but I have a feeling I am going to love it. It’s a future (free!) pattern I am working on.

Also in the “lovely blue” catagory is some Sweet Georgia yarn which just arrived in my mailbox. I’ll be knitting the Polka Dot Spots Cowl by Kate Oates.

The dots will be in the natural/cream color. Which one to cast on for first?

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  1. Blue and yellow almost always look good together.

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