Knit One, Knit All

I had heard a while ago a possible Elizabeth Zimmermann book based on some unplublished patterns, probably on the Schoolhouse Press Newsletter. I had soon forgotten all about it until I saw Susan B. Anderson mention it on twitter. I jumped right over to the Schoolhouse Press website and found and ordered it. I don’t remember which day I ordered it but I think it was only like two days ago, and the book arrived in the  mail already! doesn’t seem to have it yet (said 2-3 weeks when I checked) and I would rather order direct from the source anyway.

Knit One, Knit All

I am a big fan of garter stitch, I often prefer it to a ribbing as an edge (for example, in my little 60 quick knits jacket, or my Serendipity Hat and Mittens). I love garter stitch and I’ve always been inspired by EZ’s use of it. Enter “knit one, Knit All” which is a compilation of a bunch of previously unpublished designs by EZ featuring garter stitch. I’ve thumbed through it (very slowly) and I was totally 100% taken by the delightful watercolor paintings (by Elizabeth herself) and so excited by all the wonderful new designs.

There are some amazing hats, and beautiful jackets. There is a wonderful source of techniques in the back of the book and handwritten notes and charts from Elizabeth herself.

I was reading the inside pages of the book and noticed that Meg and Cully are given credit for photography. I’ve always noticed that the Schoolhouse Press publications seem to have a certain consistent feel to all the photography, and I was so delighted to learn that they do the photography themselves. I’m left wondering what camera they use (that’s always the question, the answer doesn’t really mean much but for some reason most photographers I know want to know what the other is using) and even the book design itself is done by Meg. I totally love that.

I was lucky enough to get in on the “lottery” for one of the knitting retreats, but I had to back out shortly after I found out due to some other things that came up (I think it’s in a week or two actually). I think I’ll always be sad I didn’t get to go (out of my control so ah well!) but I did so very much enjoy my Fair Isle class at Vogue Knitting Live with Meg Swansen (she is EZ’s daughter if you are not familiar).

Go quickly and order the book, it’s a must have and a very rare thing indeed, and of impeccable quality which speaks both to Elizabeth, Meg, Cully and the entire team at Schoolhouse Press and all the work that we can imagine must have gone into it.

Go order your copy now! And if you have an extra few bucks also order the coil-less pins because they are the best stitch markers known to man kind. I could smack myself for not getting those with the book. I’ve seen packs of 10 sold for silly prices at fiber festivals, and the Schoolhouse price is a much better deal.

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  1. I ordered the book and love it, too. You’re totally right about the feel of all the Schoolhouse Press books. The studio-type portraits (with the black background, like on the cover) are very interesting to me. Wish I knew how to do that!

  2. Ordering from Schoolhouse now- which pins would you like? : )

  3. haha 🙂 It’ll get to ya quick, I was in awe over how fast it shipped! You will love it.

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