New York City: Part 1

I was so very excited to be able to attend Vogue Knitting Live this weekend in NYC. I had such a wonderful time. The teacher line-up was simply insane. It was phenomenal. I took classes from Jared Flood, Debbie Bliss and Meg Swansen. I feel like the luckiest knitter on earth (though I signed up THE DAY they put the site up, I knew the teachers would be sold out fast). This makes me feel a little bit better about missing Sock Summit (the baby was too little for me to leave her). Events like Vogue and Stitches have quiet a difference vibe then say, Maryland Sheep & Wool or Rhinebeck. It’s a different beast all together, with less focus on the “animals” and more focus on the fasion and market. Obvious with any knitting event, there is lots of fiber content talk, but it’s just different and hard to explain. As amazing as Stitches is, I’m more of a fan of a festival type event, so if I am going to more of a market like Vogue is, then I want LOADS of amazing teachers which is exactly what they provided.

(Spud & Chloe yarn at Purl in Soho)

During trips down the elevator I was standing next to or chatting with Vicki Howell, Nicky Epstein, Debbie Macomber and countless others. In an odd bit of serendipity on both plane rides up and back, I was sitting next to other authors, whom had been published by my same publisher (not the knitting segment though) and so we had lots of lovely conversation (and the older man in front of us scolded us for talking so much, thats a first on an airplane!). The second author I met wrote “Can I have a cell phone for Hanukkah: The Essential Scoop on Raising Modern Jewish Kids ”  by Sharon Duke Estroff and she has an adorable 8 year old red head who just might wind up being a model for my book! Sometimes things line up in such a lovely way. Her book has 5 stars on amazon and a kindle version is available. I immediately got myself a kindle copy, and I’ll review it once I’m done.

I had the pleasure of finally meeting SweetGeorgia in person (and her very sweet husband), and I had a blast getting to have ADULT conversation with ADULTS (gasp!). I’ve always wanted to meet her and she dyes the most amazing jewel toned yarn in her studio in Canada. I got to meet and hang out with too many others to mention, and it was just an amazing trip, how can you go wrong with New York City?

I ran into Purl and got the very last two skiens of shelter (hat for the husbeast, I felt it was proper to knit him a hat from yarn designed by a man, hah!) and I was supposed to buy zippers for a very important project, but I was SO distracted by how amazing everything was I forgot! I can not believe I did that! Grrrrrr.  I would have liked to have taken more street photographs but I noticed some people being annoyed that I was taking photos so I didn’t get as many as I would have liked. It was easier to sneak pics with my cell phone.

Insane amounts of felt.

To be continued in another post, I’ll talk about the classes and teachers…

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  1. jealous.
    so glad you went and that you had a great time! next time the two of us will take on NYC!

  2. I want to move to the US!

  3. It was great following your trip on twitter.
    Now seeing all the lovely photos really makes me jealous.

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