Winter Petite Purls 2010

The Winter 2010 Petite Purls issue is live! I had the pleasure of photographing 5 (!!) knits for this issue. Poor BG is about over the whole modeling thing, but she sure enjoyed those gummy bears she got as reward (Grandma’s good idea, as BG was not so thrilled with mom taking pictures, yet again!).  She’s a champ though, and always tilts her head or points her toe when I ask once she decides she will let me take her picture.

This is my favorite photo, he is such a cute little toy designed by the talanted Katie Startzman. He was such a joy to photograph. Here is a little behind the scenes shot on how I accomplished the shot. He was hanging straight, and then I tilted my camera onto the same plain as Jack (Frost, don’t ya know?)  so it made it feel like the balloon was pulled by the wind.

Here are the other adorable knits and their models, that I photographed. BG on the ends, and two little kids in the middle I have known for 3 years now from a local play-group. There must be something in the water, Georgia has some seriously cute kids!

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  1. Your photography looks so lovely and it is fun to see behind the scenes! Congrats on another great issue!

  2. Ooohhhhhhhh……..he’s so Uh-Dorable!

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  4. are there any videos on how to do a fine gauge stctih on the knifty knitter circle loom? i want to make these type of fingerless gloves, but i am confused on how to do this as i probably only know the e-wrap stctih (ive only made hats with the circle loom)

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