Pattern Redux

So I’ve been working hard to get all my patterns re-knit in fresh new yarns, hopefully in time to have all new photography when I sell my patterns at SAFF! If you are in the GA/NC/SC area you really should make the trip. The festival has grown so much in the past few years, it’s much larger then it used to be. I’m excited for this year because I’ve never before sold my patterns at a booth or any craft festivals. I’ll be in the same booth as two very talented Petite Purls designers, Kate Oates of Tottoppers and Carey Huffman of Full of Fluff. ┬áIt’s going to be a kids knits extravaganza!

Milk is being re-done in Spud & Chloe “Fine”
Country Kiddie is being re-done in Patons Sock
Bitty Bolero has been re-done in Blue Sky Alpacas Multi Cotton

I’ve forgotten to show you guys the new photos! I can’t decide which photo to use, will you help me pick?

Photo #1 has a better composition, and a sweet expression but her eyes are looking down

Photo #2 has the eyes looking straight but the overall composition is not as strong

Cotton is a bit less forgiving when it comes to finishing, but it wears a bit easier to make up for it, in particular in Georgia given our weather.

We never did make it to that Apple Orchard (it’s still on the list of things to do this fall) but we did get to run by the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve, it was such a phenomenal place to visit. I found out about it because of a article about a very rare Zedonk (Donkey-Zebra mix) and realized it was fairly close by, so we ran up there one morning and had a blast. All of the money people pay to visit, goes toward feeding the animals and it’s non-profit, and I can personally say I prefer it to a traditional, commercialized zoo. A lot less crowded too.

I dressed both of the girls up in all their zebra stripped clothing, I adore animal prints and it wound up being perfect for such an adventure.

They even had a fun little playground with about 4 plastic “kid zones” all next to each other, my only complaint was one of the castle zone slides was all broken up and should have been thrown away. The girls had a blast playing in them, and I was a bit sad to see so many spider webs because it meant that not many kids were coming to play there. It was the perfect place to take toddlers, and BG even got to feed a sweet duck (I think it was a duck, he sure was… feathery). They had lions, tigers and bears, OH MY! They had monkeys and birds, and turtles and camels and tiny horses. It was a great place to visit.

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