a little pre-winter knitting

I am never ahead of the game when it comes to knitting for my kids, last winter I kept saying I would knit some mittens for BG (because there are never any good mittens to fit a toddler available in stores) and as I live in Georgia the need for mittens was not very high. But then it kept snowing, and each time it snows BG would go outside in the snow and cry from her hands getting frozen from the snow, and I would feel awful (we put socks and gloves on her hands but they got wet or fell off, we tried loads, mostly everything got wet). So this year I have vowed to get ahead of things. This means I need 2 winter hats, and atleast 1 set of gloves for BG, and maybe a second set for the baby.

The week that I resigned from my job, I had to arrange for the kids to be in daycare, and I was able to enjoy a day to myself on one of those days. I ran by Only Ewe and Cotton Too in Alpharetta, and what a perfect day I picked, there was well over a dozen knitters who meet regularly, all knitting together with lots of lively conversation. What lucky timing! So I sat and knit, and picked up some of this wonderful purple Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grand Bulky. It is SO soft, that vibrant but deep purple just about does me in. How adorable is LG in that hat? Of course she won’t keep it on, and in the photo her hand is up there about to take it off! Once it’s cold she won’t have much choice about it. I bribed her with some cheese for the photos. The pattern is of course my Serendipity which is quickly becoming my most popular pattern!

So one hat down, 1 more matching hat for BG to go, and then some cute mittens from 60 Quick Knits, Child’s Octopus Mittens (ravelry link).

I am very much ready for fall, this summer has been extremely hot and miserable, Georgia has a lot of bugs and the heat only brings them out worse. The question will be of course, because we had such an extremely hot summer, does that mean the winter will be extremely cold or very mild? We’ll just have to wait to find out!

I took photos of the most adorable model yesterday, for an upcoming free Back to Basics pattern, keep an eye out on the site for it, should come out in the next few days! I love photographing other people’s designs. It’s a lot of fun to get to see so many wonderful designs first hand.

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  2. LOVE the purplee-purple of this hat! Sooo cute!


    She’s growin’ momma~

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