Is it snowing right now?

How exciting, Susan B. Anderson mentioned my Serendipity hat pattern on her blog today! Also very exciting, the Spud & Chloë blog did an entire blog post just about the pattern! Isnt’ it wonderful, how supportive they are of indie designers?

Run out and get some of their Outer yarn today, it really is fantastic. Made of superwash 65% wool/35% organic cotton, I’m not a fan of cotton yarns normally (dries my hands out) but I loved this stuff. It truly inspired this pattern. LG (“Little Girl” is the nick name for my second daughter, featured in the Serendipity photos, she is 5 months old!) loves wearing the yellow one I knit her all the time. I pop it on her head before I go out to check the mailbox every day!

Thanks for everyones help responding to the test blog post, making sure the old feed was updating after I re-vamped the blog this week. I still need to load in a lot of the old posts.

Everyone in Georgia is on high alert tonight, it’s supposed to snow! All the schools have been letting out early, because Georgians can’t drive in any amount of snow. The news reporter this morning said it’s because people are distracted by the snow and get into accidents because they are looking at the snow instead of the road! As you can imagine, we don’t get much snow around here. I dearly miss snow, I grew up in Northern Virginia and we always had loads of snow growing up! Last winter here was extremely mild so it is nice to see a bit of snow, however small the amount.

Don’t forget to join the Pixie Purls Facebook group! I set it up recently.

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