Dance to the music

Our household has been super excited that Disney Frozen has finally come out on DVD/Digital Download. Lots of dancing to “Let It Go” and all the other lovely songs.

BG’s been busy catching up on homework after all the snow and sick days. Poor LG was sick for a week and then the following week developed a bad ear infection.

A strange mix of spring like days mixed with snow days. The crazy weather just keeps coming and we just keep waiting for spring to properly arrive!


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  1. Hi Brandy, I have not knitted lace before but love the nicole shrug. Having trouble!When the directions state to start at row 4, following the rib, do I start on the left side of the row and when I get to the red outlined stitches, repeat those. Or do I always start on the right side of the chart and just do the red outlined stitches, repeating those and not finishing the entire row? I’ve been frogging alot trying to get this right! I’ve made the mermaid tail and the ruffled top and my granddaughter loves it on her American doll. Thank you for your help!
    Marti Schroeder

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