A Snow Day Valentines

It’s snowing across the east coast and we are right in the middle of it in Virginia. Richmond is a strange place these days. You can often miss loads of snow by a simple 30 minute drive. To the west of us they have 15 inches and here so far we have 5 with a few more supposed to come this evening. I will hopefully be knitting today, I’ve wanted to knit all week but not had time trying to get loads done before the snow hit. All snowed in, must be knitting time! A hat for me and a hat for my husband is next up.

I love snow days and I love being snowed in as long as there is electricity! I have to say being a child no longer, it takes a lot more effort for me to WANT to go out in it but I it’s best to force yourself because the happiness that is the result of playing with snow is worth it!

So I forced myself outside at 7am to do this:

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and I am guessing a lot of people will delay their evening plans until Saturday. We don’t really have anything planned. Our neighborhood did a father/daughter dance which was luckily last weekend and the girls loved that. Rowan wore her Princes Anna dress.

I made the girls cookies this morning and LG served them to all her owls while BG slept.

The past week has been busy with Ukulele and Ballet and Violin. We love the arts.

I am spending loads of time COOKING! I am not a cook, but for the Clean Cleanse you kind of need to cook to be able to do it, even if it’s simple thing. Today I am making my simple chicken noodle soup, sans noodles for me but the kids can have some.


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