Eating Clean – The Clean Cleanse

What is Clean? It’s a book that is only $4 on kindle and a little bit more in trade paperback. It’s about removing toxins from your food and eating clean to give your body a chance to heal itself. You don’t need to have calorie limits, you just need to eat clean and have lots of smoothies. The smoothies are for breakfast and dinner, they make your body work LESS on digesting food because a fruit/veggie smoothie is already broken down, and work MORE on burning old fat and getting yucky stuff thats built up over the years out of your system. You can do it for 7 days, but 21 is the real goal.

So a few years ago I heard about Clean, maybe from Allegra  but its hard to remember. I told my sister about it and I watched Allegra do it and my sister do it with much success. They each had kids at a little later stage then me and I still had a 1 year old. I attempted to do it but crashed out really hard on the 2nd day with a headache that made me want to die. I didn’t do the elimination diet properly ahead of time.

Fast forward a few years and I’m already eating more “clean” because of my husbands work out and diet regime. You have to read the book to understand it properly, but there is NO need to buy anything from the Clean website, and they offer free support on their forums and Facebook. You CAN buy their protein shakes but the friends I have did it without that and did just fine. Each smoothie needs a fat in it. This can be Almond Milk, Avacado, Flax Oil etc. Almond milk is really good in smoothies. My favorite recipe is from Allegra:

2 Cups Blueberries
Small Handful of baby spinach (or kale) just a little in your first so you don’t taste it and work your way up.
Half an avocado
A little flax oil
Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk filled up to the tops of the blueberries (more will make it less thick and easier for your machine to blend, I like it thick)

I splurged on one of these little smoothie containers because I bought the supplements from their site to make it less complicated for me hunting it down at the grocery stores.

I am on day 3 of my “Cleanse” and it’s not a diet but a lot of people do loose weight when they do it. It’s more about resetting your taste buds so you need less sugar and salt, and getting your immune system back on track. It’s all about allowing your body to heal itself by keeping it uber healthy so it can do the work it can naturally do. I take some EHD/D3/Probiotic as well as its part of what you are supposed to do

You can get these at your local grocery store, I chose to go the no-thinking route and get it off the Clean website.

So I have 21 days and I am on day 3. On the first day I got a headache so I had an ibuprofen and watermelon and went to bed and woke up feeling good on day 2. Sometimes later in the day I get fuzzy feeling and a dull headache but a green tea perks me right up, or a smoothie does the job just as well. Its so wild how we are trained by our culture to pop a pill (another reason I don’t like taking those supplements above) but at the end of the day if you pay attention to what you eat and drink, and are thoughtful about it the food can almost become medicine, or the lack of the bad stuff can take away the bloat and aches. I’ll let you know how it goes once I get to the other side of it! My sister and Allegra raved about it and loved doing it, I am hoping for the same result. The first three days are supposed to be the hardest. After that my sister reported her hair being shiny, her nails growing faster and feeling better then she’s ever felt before. We shall see!

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