Nothing as fun as something finished

LG’s little watermelon socks are finished! She seems’s quiet pleased with them which makes me very happy. For the 2 years working on the book I rarely was able to knit for anyone else so I am slowly working my way down a to-do list!

I pre-ordered the re-printing of Alice Starmore’s Tudor Roses and it arrived this week, but I really wonder why it doesn’t have a new ISBN number because it is pretty much a new and different book with some repeat patterns. Many people will be a bit miffed that the Henry VIII pattern is not in it (I was sad). The book instead celebrates the women of the Tudor Dynasty.

The book itself is like art. It’s beautiful. The pagers are high quality and thick. The book itself is very tall and large. It’s a coffee table book and would look lovely sitting out on just about any table. The photography (by Jade Starmore) is lovely and several designs in the book are by her as well. This one below is my favorite from the book with its lovely shaping and amazing details.

The charts are huge, as are the photos. I’ve seen some comments on Amazon wishing it had more detailed photos but I think the charts themselves take up most of the book and a very large chart is equally as helpful as a photo, in fact a bit more so. The only complaint I have is that my copy was a little scratched on the cover and I have a feeling its because I got a copy from the top of the pallet from amazon. I know from experience that the in a load of books the top ones are sometimes a little messed up from shipping, usually somehow worn as though something rubbed against the top. The book has embossed gold letters in the hardback fabric cover. There are lovely Shakespeare quotes throughout, along with lovely letters from the tudor dynasty, some written by the women that the patterns are named after. It’s simply amazing and very much worth the purchase. It even includes the Tudor family tree. I highly recommend it, I have no idea if I would ever knit anything from it. I am happy with it simply to curl up with and read and look, or even use the charts for other (smaller!) projects.

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