I can’t stop knitting hats, apparently

I am very slow at knitting for other people. I had two hats to knit in some pretty green and blue yarn the color of my nephews one-day-to-be-highschool colors. I finished one hat last fall, and the second one for the younger brother is now ONE ENTIRE YEAR LATER finished. At least I finished it though, I keep working through my list, and I stick to hats because they are the most useful and something I can actually finish even if I have to rip them out a few times. In most cases I am using it an as opportunity to design a new pattern.


I have a long list of family members to knit for and it will take years, YEARS!!!! Up next is one for my sister. She wanted a cabled band around the brim, and then for it to be a bit slouchy. i think this could be a smidgen smaller in circumference, but is otherwise working out. I plan to do a second version with a texture stitch on the body but for now I am KISS (keep it simple stupid) to see how she likes it. She is pretty picky! I used some very cheap acrylic yarn (not my favorite) as another measure to not put too much into it until I know she approves of the design.

In the photo above the hat is half finished (it’s still on the circular needles) and I need to finish the stockinette body and create a slouchy and stylish fit. The girls are working on their math skills with the iPad and I am knitting in an endless circle, waiting anxiously for the next episode of The Mentalist!

I was very excited the last few days to see my book pop up on the internet in lots of fun places.

Wendy over at Knit and Tonic is giving away a copy.

Knit Now magazine published anĀ interview in which I had a lot of fun answering question.

Black Bunny Fibers did an in-depth review of the book with lots of information.

What a week! I hope the book does well this fall, it is knitting season after all! My 4 year old (LG – Little Girl) has been wearing the bear hat and is growing up and fitting into all the samples I knit for BG (Big Girl) back when I was in the depth of knitting samples 2 years ago. It’s so fun to see the samples on her, but I’ll be sad once she out grows them. The most worn is the ballet wrap and the bear hat, and I can’t wait to get a chance to knit her another Owl sweater, but I will need to finish these hats for other family members first!

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