A trip to Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell

If you are plugged into the knitting world then you may know that Vickie Howell is the new host of KDTV. This came about in relation to Interweave Knits magazine having a new editor (the lovely Lisa Shroyer pictured below). Lots of exciting changes at Interweave, and I had the delight of hanging with them for a short bit on the new season of Knitting Daily TV, which will begin airing in January.

Vicky and myself!

The episode I am on is of course kids related, and will feature a design from my book Just Like Me Knits. They filmed the entire season over a few weeks so the day that I filmed I was able to meet guests from various episodes. I was delighted to find out Susan b. Anderson would be there at the same time, and then had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Danger and getting to see Simona Merchant-Dest again. Delightful women all! It is wonderful to know that our community is filled with such fantastic people.

Simona, Susan and myself. 

The entire crew at Knitting Daily were kind and helpful and it was amazing how fast the show is filmed. I did do a lot of sitting around as is often the case with any sort of filming and then those lighting fast 15 minutes in front of the camera go by in the blink of an eye.

Sneaking back to snap a pic of Simona right before her filming.

Many thanks to Knitting Fever for sending me some of their new colors of Elsbeth Lavold Hempathy so I could knit up a sample in a truley lovely kingfisher blue and lipstick red to show viewers some fun knitting tricks!

Vicky and Lisa filming a segment.

It was a wonderful adventure which I thoroughly enjoyed. Highlights included hanging out in Vicky’s hotel room watching her open a wine bottle with a cable needle (plastic, I might add!).  Vicky is so sweet and kind, I’ve had the pleasure of working with her before for  a Petite Purls pattern and met her for the first time at the inaugural Vogue Knitting Live in NYC a few years ago. She is fantastic (have I mentioned her adorable children?) and I can not wait to watch the full season once it starts in January! I’ve watched past episodes on Craft Daily as we don’t have cable TV at our house but it will air on PBS if you check your local listings.

Knitting on La Leche blissed out with empty seats on either side!

This entry feels like a bit of a link bomb went off but there is so much to share and link to! I hope you will tune in for the January release of the show, I know I can not wait, eeeek! I have no idea how I did. At one point Vicky told me she would put her hand on my hand if it was time to stop and when she did I had totally gotten lost in explaining the technique so when she did it my heart jumped right up into my head because I thought I had messed up and I felt like a deer in headlights. I am hoping that the fact that I was looking down at my hands (I knit through most of it while explaining what I was doing) and then up to Vicky hides the fear in my eyes, hah! Crossing my fingers, break-a-leg and all that!

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