The Buffy Hat

I am so amazed this hat already has 50 hearts on Ravelry. I just put it up last night and was quiet surprised when I checked it this afternoon!

I’ve had the hat lying around for more then 2 months. It was intended for Petite Purls but it didn’t quiet fit in with the rest, and usually coding an issue turns out to be more important then finishing a design to be in an issue. So the hat lay around and my oldest kept wearing it out and about and finally got around to photographing it yesterday right before bed time, messy hair and all!

Inspired by the charachter Buffy Summers, the Buffy Hat would be the perfect accessory for any slayer. Jaunts through the woods or on a midnight run to The Bronze, it’s the quintessential vampire hunting hat. Knit one size down if you would like it to stay put durring backflips.

It’s a lovely fall hat, as it’s not too hot and of course with halloween around the corner it is apropos. She even wore it when we went ice skating on her birthday and it stayed on the entire time, then she wore it on 2 mile hike through the forest. It has come in handy this fall.

I am planning to knit a second one in blue for myself. The Quince and Co yarn really sings with stitch definition. It was my first time using them and I have to say, I am pretty much in love. It is an amazingly lovely yarn.

As soon as it is back from the tech editor I will post the pattern for sale on Ravelry!

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