A new pattern, help me decide

This little newborn hat pattern has been in my head for YEARS. Simple, sweet, functional. This is 100% my aesthetic. The question I want to ask is, what sizes would you like this little hat to go up to? How reasonable is it to knit in sock weight yarn for a ┬álarger hat? This little hat has quiet a few stitches cast on, I was thinking of going up to about a year. It is technically a NEWBORN hat but I think it’s more functional if it can be knit a little bit larger.

Also, would you like to pattern to come with something extra, such as a second item to knit? Burp cloth was one thought, after all most sock yarn is washable. A swaddling blanket? All that stockinette might be too much to bear, and I want to keep it unisex. Socks are just a pain for newborn, they fall right off most of the time or get lost. I find them too useless to bother with. I would love your help ­čÖé

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