Going on a Jet Plane

I’ve had a complete blast visiting yarn shops for various book signings. The best part is bringing along BG (Big Girl – my oldest) and on the trip to GA she learned how to knit! I don’t know about you, but I knew better then to try and teach her myself. It’s just one of those things. Ask someone how they learned to knit and most of them mention a grand parent or aunt/uncle. We don’t have any living relatives who knit (crazy right?) so who stepped in but the wonderful Claudia (the women who tinked all my knitting mistakes the first few years I was knitting, and occasionally still does!)

At the airport on our way to Georgia!

She loves when Claudia knit so  much that she knit until 9pm at night! She knit for HOURS!


Working on an adult version of the shrug for myself!

Hanging out at Cast on Cottage.

Knitting more, at the airport on the way back.

LG (little girl) wants to knit too! She asked me to knit her a washcloth.

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  1. so addorable!!! Love it!

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