TNNA 2011 – Petite Purls Grrls

The last month of my life is one gigantic blur, actually the last two months. My husband traveled out of town a lot, I had a car accident which resulted in my waiting a month to get a new car, and I had to do a heck of a lot of work on the latest Petite Purls to get the new design and issue up (with my partner in crime Allegra).

I had a wonderful time at TNNA, I don’t remember half of it but the parts where I didn’t spend it on my computer coding (hrmm maybe 40% I was not coding?) I really enjoyed.

Here we are with Amy Singer, whom I always like to make a point of saying hi to (sad not to see Jill this year with her!) as she’s an incredibly nice person to talk to.

Here is what everyone saw me do all weekend, kinda lame I know but honestly it was easier to code there then at home with the kids and husbeast.

Trying on my very favorite new Ysolda pattern, which I will most definitely be making (when the kids are 18) and the 34″ fit me perfectly. It’s always fun to chat about camera’s with Ysolda. I could nerd out on that for hours…. and she’s one of the few who humor me!

Allegra, with her eyes closed… best I got gf!! We are TOO lame for not getting better pics of us together and in our cute outfits.

Joanna Johnson knitting, she was smart and brought her knitting TO the knit in. I brought my computer.

Susan B. Anderson with her animals

Just realized I did not get a photo of us hanging out with Susan B. Anderson. Doh. That’s what I get for getting no sleep and not having my brain on. I also didn’t get a pic of Merri, who is the sweetest women on earth and seriously patient with me as a designer when I make stuff for Spud & Chloe.

Speaking of, it was so fun to see the big poster of my latest pattern and then they had a wee little adorable version of my sideways sweater.

I saw a lot of toys at TNNA in booths etc. It felt like our issue was very timely and appropriate. Summer is a wonderful time to make toys!

I got to chat briefly with the wonderful Raverly crew, but I really didn’t get to talk to half the people I wanted too, though many of them said hi to me while I coded and in turn I zombied back into my code in desperation to finish so that I COULD talk to someone.

At the booths I had a really wonderful Conversation with Denies from Denise of Denise Interchangeable Needles about the phenomenal work they have done in their raising money for Breastcancer, with the pink needle sets (over $150,000 thousand so far!). The DMC booth was HUGE and they had fun little bags with thread samples, and I had to stop by the Addi booth of course. I was pleased to find the Dale of Norway booth because I’ve always loved their yarn, and then way in the back (which was a shame really) I found the fleece artist booth. We got to speak with a very cool guy who is their silk supplier from ¬†Sweden, and the silk in Fleece Artist yarn is the same silk in a Hermes scarf. I now need a Hermes scarf.

I new when he said he was a silk supplier for fashion that they must be supplying to someone big, and my guess was right. They are a 5th generation family business and we got to see photos of the mill, which was just really amazing. They also sent us home with a bunch of silk cocoons because they could not take the cocoons back out of the country for some reason. TNNA should really think about either mixing the knitting in with the needle work evenly, or keep it separate. It was not mixed enough to even be obvious that there would be another yarn booth back there in that corner.

I wish I had more time to see all the booths, I was trying to find out if Amy Butler had a booth this year but did not see it.

So I brought my good camera and didn’t take any pictures with that. I blame it on Petite Purls and all the coding I had to do. Next year, no coding (wishful thinking??).

I got to see my Editor at the Potter Craft booth, and chat with other Potter Craft authors which was a lot of fun. The book is taking on more speed and I’m working as hard and as fast as I can, very happy to have the latest issue out of the way so I can get back down to business!

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