Serendipity Mittens (free pattern!)

Snow is a rare thing here in Georgia, but we had the wonderful gift of a white Christmas this year. Last year I kept saying I would knit mittens for my 2 year old but I never got around to it and we had a few instances of a crying toddler because her hands turned red from the cold. This year I was determined and it took two false starts to get what I wanted.

First I tried a little fair isle mitten, but it came out too small and after several hours knitting with no result I was frustrated with little progress, she needed these the next day. Then I tried a bulky yarn pattern, but the yarn was just not soft enough (you need it a bit flexible for little hands to play) and I found that her tiny little thumb never found its way into the thumb hole, or somehow poked through the bulk yarn. I realized that by not having a thumb in her mittens not only would she be more warm with all of her fingers together, but it would be much easier to knit.

My good friend Allegra suggested I make a pair to match my Serendipity Hat.

Here they are, the perfect little pair of mittens for the little ones in your life, and a matching pair for yourself!

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  1. Love the mittens! And your daughter is an angel!

  2. […] Click here for Brandy’s blog post with information about this free pattern! […]

  3. Beautiful children and these a fantastic projects

  4. so cute!!! thanks for the free mitten pattern!

  5. Absolutely precious — both the baby and the patterns. Thank you thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Thanks for the cute mitten pattern!!! How kind of you to share! Debbie

  7. Where is the pattern instructions? I just purchased the Serendipity Hat and would like to also make the accompanying mitts! Thank you!

  8. <– THere is the link, sorry about that!

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