Country Kiddie the 3rd

Here is a freshly knit up version of Country Kiddie, this time in Patons Kroy Socks in “Lavender Fleck”. It’s a really wonderful color, doesn’t pool when knit up in this size and looks wonderful with a white skirt or blue jeans. It was about time my youngest had her own fresh version of my original design! I took the last photo at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, it was the first time I took the girls and they just loved it. It was the perfect place for someone BGs age. They had a large children’s garden with slides, and loads of pumpkins and gourds on the ground to be touched and played with. We will have to go back next spring when more flowers are in bloom. The girls loved getting really close to the butterflies, and all the water features in the park are really amazing. We got to go behind a mini waterfall. I think that was the highlight of the day, it was difficult to lure the girls on to the next fun spot.

Photographing a 1 year old is nearly impossible. They never stop moving, turning or changing facial expression. Getting a properly focused photos is very difficult! I just love the color and pattern on this yarn, it looks perfect with LGs skin tone.

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  1. I think that this is my favorite version, yet. LG is getting so big.

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