I’ve been very tired and not been able to finish knitting as much as I would like, but last night I was determined LG would have a hat for herself, something super cut and chunky. I got my hot little hands on the new Spud & Chloe (Outer) colors coming out in January, and I really loved Sunkissed, it matches some of the fabric in her crib quilt, the trees have a bit of this peachy pink in them.


I really enjoyed knitting this up using this yarn, I have not tried it yet, and I am not a huge fan of cotton as it dries my fingers out. This particular yarn uses organic cotton and superwash wool, and it’s wonderful to knit with. It has a fuzzyness to it you don’t always get with a wool/cotton blend.


(an out-take were bg jumped into the shot)

I am calling this hat “Serendipity” because it came together perfectly! I did rip a few times as  I was too lazy to gauge swatch, but after 1 false start I got the width perfect to her little 16″ head. I imagined big chunky garter stitch ridges, ending with a bit of twirl-y decreases on a stockinette top, with a big chunky pom pom sitting on the top like a cherry on a sundae.


The ear flaps came out really nice, I was so pleased with those. I did the decreases on the inside vs the outside, ending with a k1, k2tog, k1 which balanced perfectly, creating a nice little triangle. Then for a bit of a “viking” twist, I braided 3 strands of the bulky together, making sure to keep them 6″ in length so as not to be a choking hazard.


I’ll be knitting one for BG soon!

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  1. Oh! Adorable! Please post when the pattern is available. We’ve a second one on the way and I’d love to make matching hats for the kids!!

  2. omg that is too cute! yay you! you must tell Susan!

  3. this is the CUTEST pattern evah! and what an adorable model.

  4. Pretty in pink–what a cutie pie!
    Two thumbs up!!!!

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